Pelvic Venous Disease Treatments

Venous Embolization for Varicose Veins Treatment

Treating PVCS requires resolving the backwards follow of blood in the ovarian and pelvic veins through a procedure called an embolization. An embolization is an outpatient procedure that uses catheter technology to gain access through the venous system to the problematic ovarian veins. The procedure is painless and requires no major incisions. The physician embolizes each problem vein (blocking blood flow) with vascular plugs or coils. Doing so permanently seals off the varicose veins, diverting blood flow up through healthy veins. The physician will also deliver sclerosing medication to lower the pressure in the pelvic veins and relieve the pain. Once blood can flow smoothly through healthy veins the pelvic area, the pain disappears. Patients can usually return to work and light activities the day following the procedure and see full recovery in about one week.

Varicocele Treatment

The goal of varicocele treatment is to stop the backward flow of blood from the body to the scrotum, and therefore to “cool off” the testicles. To achieve this, veins leading from the testis to the body are tied off or interrupted as completely as possible. A single vein is left open (vasal vein) that is not subject to the same issues as the varicose veins and allows the blood to leave the testicle after surgery.