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    Patient at Pedes Orange County Vascular Specialists
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    Love this place, the staff and the Doctors. They help people that might otherwise have a greater problem! Very professional, answers all questions. Provides information so that patients understand.

    Barbara from Irvine, CA

    This review is regarding my first visit to PEDES Orange County. I had a superficial blood clot after a minor surgery a few years earlier, so I knew that I needed an intervention before a future knee replacement. I was referred to PEDES by my GP, whose patients had good things to say about the practice. The day of my ultrasound appointment, I was there early and waited in what I thought was the waiting room, it turned out to be the one for the surgery center. A doctor, returning from lunch, asked if I’d been helped and told me that the office that I was looking for was further in the back. He introduced himself as Dr. Hewett and walked me back to the correct entrance. He was warm and gracious, asking me who I was here to see. I explained that I was here for ultrasound today and returning tomorrow for a consultation. He said, “maybe I’ll see you tomorrow”. I was welcomed by their friendly receptionist, filled out paperwork and was greeted by Teresa, the ultrasound technician. She was very kind and helpful, explaining everything she was doing. I arrived the next day for the consultation with the doctor regarding my ultrasound results, from the previous day. Barb, the very friendly nurse, asked me a few questions, took my blood pressure and reassured me that I was in great hands. Guess who walked in the examine room? Dr. Hewett is my doctor, which made my day. He thoroughly explained the results of my test and reviewed the recommendations for treatment. Now, when I say thoroughly, I mean “thoroughly”; procedure descriptions, recovery and prognosis. The best part was that he was actually listening to what I said and responding thoughtfully. This was definitely not a “drive-through” consultation. So, this is just the beginning of my “vascular story” and I’m happy so far. I will update this review as I begin treatment.

    Marcia from Irvine, CA

    Great vascular surgery facility in Orange County. Their doctors are great. Office looks very nice. Staff is really helpful and kind. They take the time to understand the problem. You will feel like you are in very caring hands.

    Patient from Irvine, CA

    My experience at Pedes Orange County has been great! I have no complaints. Dr. Goldstein and Dr. Hewett have been professional in explaining my procedures and treatment plan. I have even recommended your office to my friends and people I know from church. Gregg and David (Ultrasound techs) have treated me well and the rest of the staff has been very helpful.

    Roger Canamar

    The medical treatment that I received from the staff and doctors has eased the pressure as a patient. I saw the effort of all of the team. I was very impressed and grateful by the service provided to me by the Pedes team. I finally got the attention I need rather than being put on the merry go round like I have felt when going to the hospital or other places. The treatment was direct, the staff was caring, and my needs were taken care of with no-nonsense. You care about me, about my well-being. From when l walked in to how I’m doing now is WOW! l was living in pain and now I’m doing great. I didn’t feel it was about the money or that you cared about making money. I felt it was about you caring for me and I was so comfortable. I was laughing and joking and didn’t feel stressed or uncomfortable, even during my procedure. Thank you so much for your care! · I have been talking about you to all of my family and friends.

    Simon Gomez, SR.

    When I have come to the office I haven’t had any problems with the staff. The sonographer, Gregg, was very nice and it was nice to speak with him. Dr. Hewett was also nice and my daughter, who assisted with translating, also thought he was very informative and kind. She was visiting from Texas and it was helpful that the office was able to accommodate our schedule on such quick notice. The office assited with arranging transportation, which was very helpful as I do not drive. Everyone has been great and I would recommend Pedes Orange County to my family and friends.

    Lucia Nunez

    Dear Dr. Goldstein, My mom, Tran Truong, was treated by Dr. Steve Yoon for the wound on her right leg and referred to you for arterial disease treatment. You diagnosed and quickly performed the surgery on her right leg on Sept. 2nd, 2014. My mom’s wound is healing. She can sleep better at night without any pain and she can walk better now. My mom and our family thank you so much for your effective diagnosis and sucessful surgery. Your caring and amazing medical expertise saved my mom’s life and we are forever grateful. Also, thank you to Crystal, Alex, Greg, David, Judy, Huy and the other staff for their great service and caring. Dr. Goldstein, you are one of the best doctors. Thanks again!

    Joan Houg & Tran Truong