Arterial treatments


A lower extremity atherectomy is a minimally invasive surgical method that removes plaque from the arteries. A thin device is inserted into the arteries through a catheter wire to gently remove the buildup and widen the artery and restore blood flow. The increased blood flow to the legs and feet may reduce pain, minimize or cure sores and avoid amputation.


Angioplasty restores blood flow by widening a narrowed or obstructed artery. Utilizing advanced imaging guidance, a thin tube is inserted into the blocked artery and a small balloon on its tip inflates. The inflated balloon pushes against the artery walls to break through the plaque and open up the artery to restore proper blood flow.


After years of buildup, sometimes the newly cleared arterial wall is too weak to remain open. The physicians may support the artery by placing a tiny wire mesh tube (a stent) inside the artery to create rigid support. Often coated with medicine, these stents further aid in preventing the artery from closing again in the future.

Our physicians can also provide renal artery stenting to support the arteries that deliver blood to the kidneys through the renal artery. Patients that suffer from hypertension and have a history or arterial disease in the legs are at an increased risk for the build-up of plaque in the renal artery. Supporting the renal arterial wall allows for a strong, clear passageway for blood to pass through to the kidney.

All of the individualized arterial treatment options at Pedes Orange County are designed to minimize pain, cure sores, avoid amputation, and improve the overall quality of life for our patients. It is our goal to stay on top of all disease progression to keep you on your feet. Patient care does not end after a procedure at our center. Follow-up appointments are scheduled to evaluate recovery and results, and personable staff members and physicians will be available to help with questions or concerns after every procedure, diagnostic test, and appointment. We are dedicated to giving each patient the best possible experience and results.