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    At Pedes Orange County we treat the entire venous system to ensure that all your venous concerns are taken care of. Whether you are simply reaching out for cosmetic care, or are already being treated by our team for deep venous disease, our team provides the most comprehensive and durable treatment for your veins. Our specialists at Pedes Orange County provide cosmetic treatments, such as the Cutera Excel V Laser and sclerotherapy, to target the visible veins on your legs and face.

    The two types of superficial veins that can be treated at Pedes Orange County by our cosmetic treatments are spider and reticular veins. On one hand, reticular veins appear below your skin, are noticeable but do not usually protrude from your skin. While they can occur all over the body, they are most common in the inner thighs, back of the knees, and ankles. Spider veins, however, are thinner and resemble a “spider web,” hence the name, and can be found in the face, hands, or legs. An array of factors can put people at risk for these problematic veins, such as obesity, old age, pregnancy, extended periods of inactivity, smoking or even certain medications.

    Superficial veins are brought on by irregular blood flow. Veins hold an important position in the proper function of our bodies. They deliver blood to the heart, where it is then oxygenated and distributed by the arteries. Over time, vein structure can deteriorate. As the walls of the vein weaken, they are hindered from doing their job accurately, thus resulting in the accumulation of stagnant blood that is meant to be rotated throughout the body. While these are not usually life-threatening, both reticular and spider veins can be unpleasant, cause discomfort, and are a point of insecurity for many patients. This is where the power and precision of the Cutera excel V laser and sclerotherapy injections come into play; they provide the added benefit of cosmetic treatment for unsightly spider and reticular veins.

    Treatment Options

    • Cosmetic Laser

    Excel V Laser Treatment Option, Cosmetic Laser

    At Pedes Orange County, we are constantly striving to elevate our standard of care, which is why we are excited to offer the Cutera excel V laser. This state-of-the-art medical device combines precision and top-tier performance to treat vascular diseases like reticular and spider veins all over the body. Two conjoined wavelengths- 532/1064 nanometers, the highest of its kind- have been developed to treat superficial venous afflictions.

    Recent developments in medical laser technology have allowed physicians to combat spider and reticular veins with unprecedented efficiency. An assortment of convenient features optimizes patient well-being and maintains a strong success rate. The excel V laser is non-invasive and gives immediate, longstanding results. Other treatment options, while also non-invasive, provide the expected outcome gradually and will most likely require many treatment sessions to achieve the desired result. The excel V laser, however, works instantaneously as patients can watch their varicose veins dissipate right before their eyes.

    A time-efficient medical device is something any healthcare professional can appreciate. Patients want the best results as fast as they can be acquired. As soon as the laser is turned on, it is ready for use. The instant gratification of this feature saves time for doctors and allows patients a quick and easy appointment.

    What to Expect – Cosmetic Laser

    After a consultation with one of the physicians at Pedes, an appropriate treatment plan can be created to see if the excel V laser would be most beneficial for you. Injected or topical anesthesia in any form is not required during a visit. However, patients may experience mild, but tolerable discomfort that is similar to a “stinging” sensation while the targeted areas are treated. As the laser moves over the skin, varicose or spider veins are promptly eliminated. Although appointment duration may be adjusted based on case severity, patients can expect a treatment time of about 15-30 minutes.

    Following a session at our office, pain is minimal and virtually non-existent. Patients may experience redness, swelling, and even bruising. Any other side effects, like infection or blistering, are extremely rare. After about 48 hours, these symptoms will begin to dissipate as recovery is initiated. Significant results are often reported 2-6 weeks after a patient’s initial visit. Skin will return to normal and may even appear healthier than before the varicose veins due to the additional collagen received during treatment. Although unusual, patients may need to return for an additional appointment, based on the size, thickness, or vigor of the veins. A doctor should be able to accurately estimate how serious treatment should be at the consolation.

    Excel V Laser | What to Expect - Cosmetic Laser
    • Sclerotherapy

    Sclerotherapy is another minimally invasive technique offered at Pedes Orange County used to treat venous insufficiencies. By regulating the blood flow in the affected veins, their visible condition will improve gradually. Patients will need to attend multiple treatment sessions to achieve this result, typically spanning over a period of several months.

    The Cutera Excel V laser and sclerotherapy provide lasting benefits and instantaneous results, leaving patients rejuvenated after just one visit. Whether it is to alleviate discomfort or to revitalize the look and feel of your skin, request a consultation with our team at Pedes Orange County to inquire about our cosmetic treatment options. Let us help you fall back in love with your skin!

    What to Expect from Your Visit to Pedes



    Your treatment will begin with an ultrasound examination of your veins, arteries, or both, in your legs to diagnose the presence and extent of the disease. Your test results will be immediately available to review with the doctor.



    Once we review the results of your diagnostic tests, our physicians will help you develop a plan to provide you with the best treatment for your disease.



    Depending on the extent of disease in your arteries or veins, our specialists may recommend minimally invasive intervention and/or prescribe medications to help your symptoms.



    It is important to make sure that you return for every scheduled follow-up appointment to ensure that your disease is appropriately monitored. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please call or schedule a follow-up appointment with our staff.